The Beach Toy Recycling Program

Started in 2016 in Cocoa Beach, Florida as an Eagle Scout project, the Beach Toy Recycling program helps keep local beaches clean. Simple recycling points located on entrance boardwalks at public beach access points provide a way for the community to help recycle toys found or brought to the beach. Kids can choose toys to bring onto the beach, and parents or kids can drop them off when they're finished. As a result, local beaches stay clear of unused / discarded toys that pollute the environment, are eye-sores, and can be potentially dangerous to marine life (like sea turtles).

Cocoa Beach, FL - Where it Started


The Process

Setting up these recycling boxes on your beach is a relatively straight-forward process when you have a group of excited volunteers and a community ready to keep their beaches clean and families happy. See the photos above for some images from the installation in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Scroll down to get information on getting started.

How to Get Started in Your Community

The download below will provide you with a PDF that includes the basic sketched blueprint for the recycling box, implementation considerations, cost estimates, signage information, among a few other things. Should you need additional information or resources, please use the form below. Editable signage design files are available upon request (for free) and can be made for your circumstances.

Before installing this project in your community, contact the governing municipality for your area. Your beaches may not necessarily be maintained by your city -- it is possible that your county or state government operates the beach of interest. Additionally, some beaches are on federal property, usually operated by the National Parks Service. Should you need assistance contacting appropriate governmental officials to get approval for this project, feel free to fill out the form below. Don't be afraid to reach out to your community officials - they'll likely be excited to have great citizens, like yourself, helping improve the community. In fact, most community officials will likely be just as excited as you are at helping out with the project. Check with other local organizations for help and maintenance (for this specific project in Cocoa Beach, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society and Keep Brevard Beautiful provided a tremendous amount of help and support and are even maintaining it now).


If you need help getting started with your project, or have any questions, please feel free to fill out this form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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